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If you're like me, chances are that you find paying for webcam sex strangely unappealing. Sure, the girls are professionals and they give a good, well rehearsed show, but the whole thing is somewhat detached and unpersonal. The performers are a little too clinical for my taste and -after interacting with so many clients- they lack true enthusiasm.

On the other hand, there are free sites like chatroulette and omegle on which you might go through literally hundreds of guys before you stumble upon a girl who's going to flash you on cam. More often than not though, the girls on these sites will click the 'next' button as soon as they see you, and suddenly -pooof- you're gone! Sure, if you stay on these sites long enough, you will eventually get lucky, but I've lost track of the number of hours I wasted online, hoping to finally catch a girl's eye, until I started developping a system...

I must confess: I'm a sex addict! I love webcam sex... I have spent hundreds of hours online trying to get the girls to flash me, and to flash them back... And through trial and error, hour after hour, I have learnt what to say and what to show to lure most girls into cam to cam sex.

If I look at my msn contacts, after nearly two years of getting seriously addicted to online sex, the list extends to 342 girls, all of whom I have flashed and been flashed by. I have another 170 girls on my skype, and about 50 on yahoo. Moreover, I don't know how many other girls I have met on a variety of sites and had cam sex with but never bothered to add... Basically, over time, I have refined a system so that pretty much within an hour of getting online, I will always find a girl to have free cam sex with...

On here, I am going to reveal my system for free... I'm going to show you how to get girls to cam with you, what to say, and where to find them. You do not have to register or enter any kind of personal information: I'm giving you this goldmine of advice for free!

However, this advice will not stay online for long... I am currently working on an ebook where I will provide this information (and some more sneaky stuff), which I intend to publish, market, and sell... But for now, all I ask is that you read and try the advice on these pages for yourself, and that you leave me your comments or questions... This will help me finalize the ebook, and identify gaps or questions that remains unclear.

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